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Copshaw Common Riding 2nd of July 2022

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Copshaw Common Riding is an equal opportunities rive up 
and is 98% fat free.

Tub 2022
Robbie Turnbull

Copshaw has a new Tub for 2022, the first one since the last one, Robbie Turnbull is now to be known as Tub Turnbull the 2nd, the village came out to vote in very large numbers the turnout was 71% which was a credit to the 3 candidates lying for Tub, well done Oli and Tom for running great campaigns and we are sure you will be back for more next year.

Robbie has always said his dream was to become Tub and now that dream has come true, he might look as if he got dressed in the dark! but he’s a fine young man who will be a credit to the Holm during his term as Tub.

Tub Turnbull the 2nd will have a busy few weeks ahead with the Ride Oot Bye and his bike clip doo coming up in June followed by the big day on Saturday 2nd July where he will lead the cavalcade around the boundaries and make sure Copshaw is safe from thieves and vagabonds for another year, not to mention attending coffee mornings, judging art installations, Xmas lights and all the other various functions, if anyone needs a Tub to enhance their events then let us know and we will get him there!

Thanks to Legends for hosting this years Tubs Ball we think it was a good night! and massive thanks to Tub Downey for keeping the jacket safe for the last 3 years a fantastic job Paula.

Check out our Facebook &  Events page for details of when and where our next events will happen and make sure your trusty steeds are fit and firing for the 2nd July.

Gary Cuthbert 
CCR Chairman 


Tom Brown, Oli Downey or Robbie Turnbull.

The most important election in the UK takes place on Saturday night (21st) so make sure your vote counts. Voting from 6.01pm at Legends with Tub 22 being announced around midnightish.

Dancing and ‘refreshments’ available all night with The Yella Fella Discotheque.

Voting also available on the ground floor.

Common Riders we have our Candidates for Tub 2022
They are Tom Brown, Oli Downey and Robbie Turnbull, one of these candidates will be voted in by you the Copshaw public on Saturday 21st May at Legends Function Suite. Voting from 6pm, voting will be available outside for those not wanting to climb the stairs. 

Candidates left to right….Robbie Turnbull, Tom 007 Brown & Oli Downey


Click here for video of candidates or check out our Facebook page


Tub Downey carried out her 2nd last Official Duty as Tub 2019/20/21 on Fri 6th of May at an afternoon tea at Hermitage Hall where she ate cake and judged the Children’s art section and Adult exhibits in the theme of Alice in Wonderland, which was held in aid of Maggies cancer Charity.

Pictured above, Tub Downey with Alice & Wonderland and her trusty bonnet come hip flask receptacle.

Click here to see more on oor Facebook page

Copshaw Common Riding 2022

We’re back!!

They’re will be a Common Riding this year!

2nd of July - “Git In”
So oor search is on for Tub 2022
If you think you have what it takes to Lie for the most prestigious job in Scotland, you must first get an application form from any Committee member, complete and return and start your campaign.
Voting will take place on 21st May in Legends, Tub 2022 will be revealed at the Tubs Ball later in the evening.

So get your tyres oiled and your chain pumped up, Git on yer Bike and let’s Ride!


Small print: You must be over 18 and have a pulse to apply.

Copshaw Common Riding

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