Twa Posh Chickens

Copshaw Common Riding 6th July 2024

Twa Posh Chicken Ceremony

 (Copshaw Kitchen)

The history behind this fine historical venue is really quite astonishing.

Long ago, back in the dark days of the Border Reivers, on this site stood the buildings of the original Copshaw Holm Farm. It was here that the famous Elliot clan from Red Haugh stopped on the way back from one of their gruesome raids. After much violence, raping and pillaging they used to enjoy a picnic and took the opportunity to partake in some much needed refreshments.

Back then the Copshaw Holm Farm speciality was a rare breed of chicken regularly served to the upper class and royalty alike. The farmer would give the Elliot clan some of these delicious chickens in exchange for beef that they had stolen from the English. Their speciality and favourite dish that they enjoyed was two pieces of chicken cooked over an open fire and this was known as

"Twa Posh Chicken"

Years later well after the border reivers were a distant memory, an Elliot ended up as the proud new owner of what was once the local cafe. Mrs Elliot knew she needed a good strong catchy name and the obvious choice was "Twa Posh Chicken". However, it just lacked that special something, so after much deliberation and a lot of sleepless afternoons, Mrs Elliot went for" Copshaw Kitchen". Coincidentally this just happened to be an anagram of Twa Posh Chicken, and a fine choice it was. So much so that the new owners Mr & Mrs Thomson have kept the same name, it also saves getting the signs changed.

So will the Tub please come forward and officially re- open this establishment;

' I here by name this ship the Copshaw Kitchen, God save all who dine in her.'  Click here to view the 'Twa Posh Chicken Ceremony'

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