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Copshaw Common Riding 6th July 2024

About CCR

Pureous Bunkumos

Copshaw Common Riding, who`d have thought it eh !!

A Common Riding on bikes led by the principal `The Tub` aided by his or her Right & Left Legged men/women, yes here in Copshaw oor Women are as good as oor Men !!

The emblems for the event are The Kipper, Barley Fadge, The Sod and Tequila, which are carried behind oor Standard which bears oor motto `Pureous Bunkumos` if your not sure what it means look it up on Google !

Started in the ancient times of 1998 by 9 locals, CCR has grown to be one of the main events in the Scottish calendar.

The Tub is elected by public vote at the end of May and announced at the Tubs Ball which is one of many events held by CCR throughout the year.

Common Riding Day kicks off with the Hound Trail followed by The Tub receiving the Flag which leads on to a host of new and ancient ceremonies including some new ancient ceremonies! see the Order of Ceremony Page. The day ends with Jedburgh Pipe Band and the handing in of the Flag ceremony when The Tub gives an address to the village. The aim of CCR is to have a laugh, raise some money and to promote Newcastleton. All money raised is donated back to deserving causes within the village of Copshaw Holm. Thanks for visiting the site, Come and take part and enjoy the humour, its different !!!

O aye nearly forgot, CCR is held on the same weekend as Newcastleton Traditional music festival, all the more reason to come and visit.

This web site contains no additives and is 98% fat free !!

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