Touching Cloth

Copshaw Common Riding 6th July 2024

The Touching of the Cloth Ceremony

This Ceremony will take place at Freds Corner at 12.06 after our visit to the Trap for refreshments.

'Come In - Come Oot' 

 The Touching of the Cloth Ceremony

In the year of our lord, nineteen hundred and ninety eight, on the first Saturday of July, took place a great fracard.

'The Battle of Fred's Corner.' 

 Where nine young locals, eight men and one lady, took it upon themselves to rescue the Copshaw Common Riding Standard from it's captor. 

After a well planned and rehearsed ambush three of the raiders entered the premises while the remaining six stood guard outside. They overcame all the odds and retrieved the Flag to it's new and rightful owners, the afore mentioned Copshaw Common Riding Committee.

To this day those brave young men, and the lady, have flown that standard with pride, and Mr Ewart was able to retire using the profits from the afore mentioned sale. 

I will now ask all of the original and surviving members of the raiding party to step forward and touch the sacred cloth and give three cheers to this years Tub.

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