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Copshaw Common Riding does "Stars in their Eyes 2011"



This years version of the Copshaw Common Ridings, Stars in their Eyes couldn't match the success of last years could it? well according to the 251 people squeezed into the village hall it certainly did and when I say squeezed I mean squeezed, the demand for tickets had been amazing the shops selling the tickets hadn't been so busy since the suckler sale of 84' and that was a big day!! For anyone that didn't get tickets you should put your name down now for November 2013 and also buy the DVD to see what you missed, this will be available in the very near future.

 As for the performers what can you say? To give their time and talent to help raise money so that we can continue to donate to various causes in and around the village is what makes the Holm what it is and long may it continue.

"Now then" (as Alan Atk would say) what about the acts themselves, first on stage Frank Sinatra as Billy Thomson, kicked off the night in great style what a voice, Billy did ole blue eyes proud and set the bar very high for the acts to follow, next up Morecambe and Wise, with Neil looking like Ray Reardon and Butch a double of himself in 10 years time!! Bring me Sunshine well they did that all right, although it was probably taking it too far to sleep together for 3 days beforehand to "get into character"

 The next act up was Tub Pearson II and "howistasista" , Lynn and Shaun were perfect as Danny Zuko and Sandy from Grease, although some of the males in the audience were still staring at the screen hoping for the Baywatch at Whitaugh pool video to come back on!! Again boys the DVD will be out soon.

Gary and Ryan next, the campest Wham you would ever wish to see, all fake tan and hot pants and that was Ryan's real hair!! Unbelievable he put the Bouf into Bouffant, and now 251 people know what tone deaf really means!

 Freddie Mercury, a Hoover, a mini skirt and fishnet stockings, not your average ensemble, unless of course your name is John Reid who brought the house down with his act, and if the DVD shows any backstage footage it will surely show just how "On the Ball" Treato was!! The phrase "you had to see it to believe it" comes to mind, honestly I wish I hadn't!!

 Ian and Vicky were next up with a gay classic from old Elton John and Kiki Dee, I know how hard they had rehearsed, as I'd been listening to it for weeks, but it showed on the night as they were note perfect, just need a little work on the dance moves for next time, Ryan and I are available to give personal dance tuition if required!

 Young Spanner Face was on the road to Amarillo next, spitting image of a young Tony Christie, with full backing cast including Lynn doing her best Ronnie Corbett impression! Now Martin can hold a note we all know that (when was the last time you saw him getting one out of his wallet!!) another top performance to follow Alan Ak from last year!

 Bazza as Bob Marley icon of Jamaican culture, rasta man, loved his wacky baccy, who else could play him? So good was Bazza that he has been asked to play at a new festival next year "Stoned Henge" he'll be a natural.

 The award for the most nervous act of the night went to Craig, who was the "Man in Black" Johnny Cash very ably assisted by Betty and Hazel as Mexican brass players! Craig's rendition of Ring of Fire was chosen from personal experience of a particularly fiery curry one night something he will remember for some considerable time to come!

 I have heard so many people say that Jarvis as Mick Jagger was better than Mick Jagger as Mick Jagger, wonder what Mick Jagger as Jarvis would be like? He's a natural entertainer with a voice to match, but he is too skinny really, did you see his legs, honest his papa Jackie could clean his pipe with them!!

 The final act were the Wurzels, Phillip, Fats and Pete, 3 cider drinking Cornish men well they got the drinking right, but the nearest thing to Cornish they get is one of Pinners pasties!! Although Pete's Cornish accent was the close to real thing and Phillip was his usual perpetual motion honest he never stands still, Jim is the same as Phillip but take away the "never"!!

 So that was the cast but it was all held together by the inimitable Greg, over 5 hours of entertaining the audience is some feat, and as many in the crowd are now aware you are safer behind the scenes than in the hall, 251 people trying not to catch his eye!! Brilliant, it's a good job everyone knows not to come to a Common Riding doo if you are easily offended!!

 Now there are loads of people to thank and if it weren't for them we would never do half the things we do or be able to donate so much money, all the business folk that sponsored an act and got their very own unique advert shown on the night and probably in the DVD, to the lassies, Mel, Karen, Julie, Lesley, Brenda and the rest who helped out, not forgetting David both on the door and for helping me with the draw for the tickets, Scott for all his behind the scenes work, next time Scott you are out front!.

 Now all of the committee did a lot of work for this years night, but no one put in as much work as Ian Nichol, (you probably know him better as Chinky) if you were there and enjoyed yourself then give him a pat on the back next time you see him or if you enjoy the DVD (coming soon) I can tell you for sure it wouldn't happen without him.

 Thanks from the Common Riding Committee to everyone who bought a ticket and came along, sorry if you were a bit squeezed in we hope it was worth it, we will be back with more fun and games next year.

Tub Pearson II is switching on this years Christmas lights in the square on the 8th December, come and give the LLAGS your support, mulled wine and mince pies and the Common Riding Treasurer is going to eat a cardboard box!!



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