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COPSHAW COMMON RIDING 2015 By Sadie Johnston IT2


Copshaw Common Riding is now here, go outside and start to cheer,

Oh! What a wonderful time of year,

People chanting loud and clear,

Shouting "Jock" for Tub this year,

Hail, rain, sun or snow, out we all go,

Along the streets of Copshaw Holm,

With oor bikes we carry on,

Cutting the Sod for a snog,

Olive Tree is next too come,

Music playing on the drums,

Mare is where the Hawick yins gan,

Oor yins better though, as we have more fun,

Now its time for fun in the sun,

Relay races to be won,

In the square the Jed band plays,

Doing their speeches, they all pray,

In the pub its nearly the next day,

Now its time to go to bed,

Good night God Bless and see you next year.



Kippers, Sods & Barley Fadge by Mandy Carke

It's the Copshaw Common Ridings

July Two Ow One Five

We're gathered here to celebrate and go out for a ride

All on our yellow bi-cy-cles ,flags,ribbons all a flutter

I thought I'd like to share with you

about the Holm's great nutters.


The Trap's the place to ponder on the people who have made

The Holm the place it is today a happy carefree place

Anne at the helm with Mary's help they keep the locals watered

But oftentimes on Friday night well some of them get slaughtered.


First in it's Louis Viton - No -Its Greg from Langholm Street

Scarf flapping, Long shorts, golden legs, his hair done to a treat

However there is just one thing, about this I don't jest

Its mid December, freezing cold - where's your bloody vest


Next - 2 more Cuthberts Ryan and Gary to keep the Status Quo

Their boogying caused quite a stir and only Gary knows

That Frikking wrens are everywhere - not that I have one sighted

But then what would you half expect from a supporter of United.


Busting in is Barbara

Our answer to Monroe

The Bank's vivacious blond bombeshell - with Dave behind in toe

A small white wine and pint for Dave - how delicate and proper

Until the fourth one, raucous laughing - then we all take cover.


Jamie is our carpet man once gone he's now come home

With Val he hammers all day long while laying underfoam

He brings us tales from o'er the pond I've heard that it's the way

Its Steak and eggs - sunnyside up from the grand old US of A



The one and only fifty three week Tub is Peter Irving

Emotional when passing clips to Jock - now that's unnerving

But hand on heart this rotund digger brightens up our lives.

Just mention eggs and he and Fi will break into a jive.


So after Peewee we have Jock

The new incumbant Tub

His walling skills are legend'ry - he learnt them in the pub

His new year starts today but already we have a star

The only man in Newcastleton to have opened up a Spar.


As my wee poem is at an end I hope that you're smiling through

To Jock - Best of luck  - and Carol - our heartfelt  thoughts with you


To  Kippers, Sods and Barley Fadge  I raise to you my glass

And Barry keep your kit on - I don't want to see your ass

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