Copshaw Common Riding 2015

This year's Common Riding took place on the 4th July  and what a day it was, from the wet Hound Trail in the early morning to the handing in of the flag at night, this one will really go down as one of the best! 

Tub Elliot (Jock the Dyke) was supported by more riders and more followers on foot than we ever thought possible, especially given the weather for the Hound Trail, no joking Noah wouldn't have survived that downpour!

The Hound Trail was won by Tate, although the real winners were the CCR committee and friends turning out in that rain, thunder and lightning, holding brollies up to the lightning as if to say, you'll not stop us!! once again huge thanks to Les Calvert for sponsoring the Trail along with Marti Borthwick.

The Tub was collected at Northfield by the committee where we had a wee rum for medicinal purposes a grand start to the day maybe we will have a drink to start every Common Riding now, (oh!) and we made our way to the Fountain which was thronged with people awaiting Tub Elliot and his left and right legs, ex Tub McGimpsey and ex Tub Irving (sorry Pee Wee you had to let it go)

At the Fountain we had the best dressed child and best dressed adult both judged by a fresh faced Margaret Imrie, this year's winners were Lauchlan Brannan and Jocks Dykes the kids prize was donated by Margaret and the Adults by Costcutter and the Festival Committee donated the trophy to the best dressed bike which was won by Reece Young..

This year we announced our New Year's honours at the fountain, we awarded the Polysport 500, The Newcastleton and Hermitage trust 500, the Youth club 250, and we are paying for anyone of pension age in the village or surrounding area, to go on a luxury bus trip (with toilet) to the world famous Kelpies at Falkirk, followed by High tea in a high end venue, details from Sandy Richardson, we hope you have a great day, at least one of our ex-Tubs has offered to chaperone on the day.

The best dressed window prize was won by the Copshaw Kitchen, judged by the Tub and his Flake Grace with the prize donated by Costcutter.

Special guest the singing Firefighter Martin (Jarvis) Pearson gave us a grand rendition of this year's Tubs song  he used to be in a band you know, back in the day!

Off then to the Shed, otherwise known as the Golf club, where the Tub's chase was won by Ter a cracking effort but it's probably a good job Nige has retired due to old age.Ter wins the coveted Mick Rick Tankard.

The Tub was regally entertained at the Shed this year, we had some fantastic entertainment including songs from folk all over the Borders, it seems the Shed is beginning to get a serious reputation for talent, ex Holm school pupil Karen Craig (nee Mabon) played all 18 Tub's songs on her bagpipes, amazing! And as for Chugger Broon, well just be there next year, thanks to Peter and Campbell and the Golf club for hosting us again, they are not getting any younger but can still just about manage!

The Sod was snogged and the Tequila was supped, due to the wet morning earlier, this year's Sod was the moistest in living memory!  the great battle against the English/Spanish/Langholm was celebrated, .

This year's Common Riding emblems the Barley fadge and the Kipper were carried by George Porteous and Kate Ireland, two Common Riding virgins, who stood up well to their duties, we must also mention our sacred Sod carrier who has been doing the job since the beginning, take a bow Mr Scott Hay, or Scott the Sod as he is better known.

Good old Erup Knubum designer of the Holm Brig was remembered fondly with the Whisky and Toblerone ceremony, this ceremony was both researched and written by Copshaw's resident DJ, Mr Ian Nichol, better known as Ch.....

As is tradition we stopped off at the Common Ridings official watering hole the Trap, we also have to thank Anne at the said watering hole for raising funds for the Common Riding with her Hound Trail sweep.

The Touching Cloth ceremony celebrating the battle of Fred's corner was made even more poignant this year due to the Holm Hardware couple Fluke and Kath, leaving us very soon, they have been great supporters of ours and we wish them well for the future. as always the cloth is celebrated by the surviving founder members.

Ex Tubs Cuthbert and Cuthbert better known as Vicky and Ryan, gave us the Common Riding poem and the Twa Posh chicken, when someone says "you couldn't make it up" well you can, and we do!! Many thanks to Oorth and Linda at the Copshaw Kitchen for more alcohol and a traditional strawberry tart, also this year we offered a drink from David at Spar, you would think we had a reputation for enjoying ourselves.

We celebrated the Northern boundary at the Auction Mart, where ex Tub Cuthbert (the Ryan version) had researched a historical occasion relevant to the venue, something about a bull and a cow, sounded more like cock and bull, but very accurate he said.  

We were treated to a bit of a party at Lidalia again this year, this is becoming one of our favourite stops, where the hosts Mr Ed and Isabel looked after us with more drink  and we had the infamous Hound of Lydalia ceremony and the even more infamous Bridies from Brydon, commemorating the Rev Mabon stopping the last train in 1969, those very generous folk at the Butcher's made another fine CCR bridie, thanks Alastair (most heard saying at the Butchers "It's just over!!)

The Common Riding Garden Party was just superb in the sunshine with fun and games for young and old, all organised in usual Common Riding spirit, and with an added attraction of the inflatable assault course provided by Rock UK. The prize money for the kids sports was sponsored by Copshaw Caterers thanks Phillip and Helen Jane.

The Committee were again very generously invited to the Selkirk "village"  and as usual had a fantastic time, they are great hosts and hopefully we will get to go to Selkirk Common Riding in the near future!!

This year as usual the Jed Pipe Band were lead by Pipe Major and Ex Tub Barry Jackson, who's brush twirling skills are incredible and he led a large procession to the opening of the Festival Concert where Tub Elliot's song was sung in front of a large and appreciative audience, and outside we had the shaking of the shoulders in memory of a sobbing founding member, who this year just happened to have flown in from a land down under, good to see him as well, looks like he is thriving down under!!

A brilliant day was ended back at the Fountain with the crying of the evening fair and the handing in of the Flag, this is always a very emotional time and Jock handled himself very well as he had done all day, another great Copshawholm Tub.

The committee needs to thank a lot of people without them we would find it very difficult to get better every year!

In no particular order and probably missing some, but thanks to Les Calvert, Marti Borthwick, Costcutter, The Olive Tree, Margaret and Tom Imrie, Eddie and Isobel Rutherford, The Copshaw Kitchen, The Butchers, Anne @ The Trap, Rock UK, Mel, Julie, Brenda, Karen and Lesley, Phillip and Helen Jane, Peter and Campbell and the Golf Club, and everyone that threw something in a bucket or bought something from the bar, believe me it is very much appreciated. 




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