Copshaw Common Riding 2016

Another Common Riding has come and gone, and as usual a great time was had by one and all, despite a few damp patches during the day, we survived relatively intact.

Tub Thomson carried out his duties with great pride and with the help of his Flake Ashley and his left and right legged men ex Tubs, Jock the Dyke and Pee Wee, helped make the whole day memorable, although ex Tub Irving did make the schoolboy error of "having 40 winks" in the afternoon and had to be roused by 3 committee members!!

The day started with the Hound Trail which was again generously sponsored by Les "Slippy" Calvert and was won by Showtime, there followed the traditional breakfast in the Trap, our official watering hole, thanks to Ann and Mary again, all our sponsors are due a lot of thanks, from Costcutter, the Olive Tree, Copshaw Caterers, Lidalia, Rock UK, Elliott's "it's joost ower" Butchers, and everyone that donated along the way.

This year's "New Years Honours" were awarded to The Sir Arthur Elliot Memorial Trust, The Polysport and the Newcastleton Primary School, also we are doing an afternoon tea and entertainment for the old folk, this date still to be decided but more info in due course.

Our best dressed child this year was Reece Young, the best dressed adults were Donnas' Hens and the best dressed bike was won by Donna Adamson, some will now know her as Donna Brannan! the Paparazzi in the square this year were mainly well behaved, hopefully all the foturs have come out well.

Before the crying of the morning fair, our resident crooner gave us a rousing rendition of Tub Thomson's song, written by Nichol & Nichol and not Nichol McNichol as in the squeak!

On then to the Shed at the Golf Club, where the Tub's chase for the Mick Rick tankard was won for the second year running by Ter "soon to be Mr Angela" Lockerberry, there followed the Entertaining of the Tub, now I say this every year but the entertainment gets better and better, if you have never been before then stick it on your bucket list, you will not be disappointed, this year in memory of a great common riding supporter and friend Bob Burgess who passed away earlier in the year we had the first Bob Burgess Trophy for best entertainer, judged by Tub Thomson, this was won by one of our own, the singing fire-fighter Jarvis Pearson with a brilliant composition featuring all 19 previous Tubs.

Thanks to Waldorf and Stadler, yes they are still with us!! for running the bar, hopefully they have a good few months left in them!!

Due to the amount of rain falling the sod was presented at the Shed this year in a break from normal traditions, we are a caring common riding, we don't want our followers getting wet!!

Our emblems were then presented to the waiting (and very patient) throng outside of the Olive Tree, the Fadge and Kipper, our own loaves and fish! as is now a tradition the emblems are carried by common riding virgins for the rest of the day, that is folk that have never ridden before.

To the Holm Brig for the Whisky and Toblerone and ode to old Erup Kubnum the great Swiss engineer and chocolatier, this tale as told by the man with the politically incorrect nickname, well done fried rice and noodles!

Back to the official watering hole for a tune or two and a quick organic orange juice or broccoli smoothie as per usual.

Next on the agenda is one of our most important ceremonies, the Touching of the Cloth, where the surviving founder members remember the battle of Fred's corner, and the healing stane is anointed.

Ex Tub Cuthbert (Vicky variety) reads the Common Riding poem, and Ex Tub Cuthbert (Ryan Variety) remembers the origins of the Copshaw Kitchen with Twa Posh Chicken, ably assisted by Ex Tubs Cuthbert and Elliott (Neil and Butch varieties).

Up to our Northern boundary at the Auction Mart where Ryan regales us with the origins of the term "Cock and Bull" story, appropriate for our ancient new traditions.

Next stop is at Lidalia, where generous hosts Eddie, Isobel and Gillian, provide some much need liquid refreshment, (there are only so many broccoli smoothies you can take!) a ceilidh band and the Hound of Lidalia tale are served up along with the infamous common riding bridie from Brydon, this tale as told by Brydon's daughter Karen, again Karen proves you can take the girl from Copshaw but ye canna take Copshaw from the girl!!

The Garden Party was more a marquee party this year, but none the worse for that and we did get the sports done in dry weather, we also got the site of a few struggling with the rodeo bull, no names here but Deev was looking concerned!

The Egg Russian Roulette was a triumph again, this should be on the telly, but only if we can supply the entrants!!

Big thanks to the Lassies doing the food and drink, again we couldn't do it without you.

After our now traditional late afternoon visit to the Selkirk burns supper where we met up with old friends and enjoyed their generous hospitality we made our way to the Trap to greet the Jed Pipe band led by drum major and Ex Tub BJ Jackson, we marched to the hall and opened the concert, the faces are getting less bemused every year so they must be getting used to us! outside the hall we had the shaking of the shoulders in honour of our man down under greeting, and it was nearly over for another year.

Jarvis gave us his final recital of the song, the evening fair was cried and finally Dean oor Tub 2016, addressed the village it brought a lump to the throat (bloody broccoli smoothies!) he thanked everyone for all their support but it's us that need to thank him for doing such a brilliant job, from the solemnity of the Somme memorial to the madness of the big day, the boy did bloody well!

CCR thanks everybody that followed or cheered us on our way if I have missed anyone off, sorry, but we know who you are, and we really appreciate all the help.

See you next year, 1st Saturday in May, 1st Saturday in June and of course 1st Saturday in Julie and Melissa.

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