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CCR Committee

Dean Thomson - Tub 2016

Jock Elliot - CCR Court Jester

Gary Cuthbert - Chairman & Speaker

Shaun Turnbull - Treasurer

Vicky Cuthbert - Secretary & Speaker

Lynn Pearson - Steadying Influence and Grafter

Peter `Peewee` Irving - Pie eater and all round Good Guy

Gillian McGimpsey - Lynn`s right hand woman

Ian Nichol - Music and Ceremony Maker Upperer

Scott Adamson - Music Assistant 

Craig Adamson - I.T. Department

Stuart 'Butch' Elliot - Official Timekeeper & Culinary Advisor 

Ryan Cuthbert - Refreshments Director & Speaker

Neil Cuthbert - Vocals

Martin Pearson - Vocals

Jimmy Fats - Mr Muscle Power

Barry Robson - Fats Assistant

Philip Hedley - Catering and anything else when we can git him to stand still long enough!!!

If you are interested in becoming part of our Committee and living the dream, get your Campaign going and Lie for Tub 2017. If you are successful you will book your seat at the Top Table, saying that we could probably be bribed with large sums of wonga to secure your seat !!

Ladies Committee

Lesley Nichol

Brenda Davidson

Karen Copeland

Mel Turnbull

Julie Davidson

Diane Adamson

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