The Village has voted with a massive turnout for this years Election of Tub 2018, CCR's 21st Tub.

With 3 popular candidates Lying for the Honour of Tub 2018, the result was always going to be close.

With our CCR Australian Rep in attendance (Zamie Atkinson) the honour of announcing the winning candidate fell to him.

Pictured below Tub 2018

Mr Deev Mitchell.



I think it's fair to say that all of us on the CCR committee are both upset and disgusted with what's been happening in the last few days with the campaign boards being vandalised, a mindless few seem intent on spoiling the event for both the person brave enough to lie for Tub and for those of us who care for what the Common Riding stands for.

It's meant to be fun and at the same time raise the profile of the village if that ceases to be the case then maybe it's time to say enoughs enough.

If anyone has any info on who is behind this we are sure our local PC would like to know


Votes will only be counted if placed at the Hall on the day or a piece of paper with your choice handed to a Committee Member in person. Text/Facebook votes will not be counted. Give us a shout if anyone needs a vote picked up. 


CCR Committee are proud to unveil the Candidates Lying for the Honour of Tub 2018.

If you are still thinking about Lying for Tub 2018 its not to late, just let any CCR Committee member know and Bobs yer Uncle.

Voting takes place on 12th May at the Tubs Ball in the Village Hall, make sure you cast your vote.

Candidates pictured L to R:- Deev Mitchell, Paula Downy and Patrick Laing.

You can also fill up with fuel when your here!!!



Copshaw Common Riding Burns Night 04/11/17.
Yes we do it different here in Copshaw Holm, Burns Night in November, day before Bonfire Night !! But just look at the line up of entertainers!
Tub 2017 Ian Nichol welcomed the packed hall with a rousing speech before Chairman for the night Alan Atkinson kicked off proceedings, entertainers for the 2nd CCR Burns Night who had travelled from near and far including Gala, Hawick, Langholm, Thornhill, Roadhead, Teviothead, Bonchester, Copshaw Holm and Brussels!! they were:- 
John Tully, Dave McVittee, Henry Douglas, Matthew Pie Burgess, Sally Thomas, John Dodd, Brian Hunter, Keith Chugger Brown, Vicky Cuthbert, Sam Downie, Piper Darren Scurfied with Roger Dobson, Carol Dobson and Ian Anderson providing a Scottish selection on the accordion,fiddle and piano. 
CCR Committee would like to say a massive thank-you to all our Entertainers who put on a fantastic night, there was hardly a dry seat in the house, big thanks to our Sponsors, Our Caterers Philip & Helen Jane Hedley who done a fantastic job, to all of you who came along on the night and supported us and of course to our Chairman Alan Atkinson for holding it all together. Hip Hip







Copshaw Common Riding 2017.


The 20th Copshaw Common Riding took place on the first Seterday O'Julie (and Mellissa) and turned out to be one of, if not the "best Yit" Tub Nichol and his left and right legged men ex Tubs Thomson and Elliot did the village proud once more, leading the many followers around the boundaries and keeping the village free of vagabonds and safe for another year.

We actually started again this year with Tub Nichol laying a wreath at the war memorial in honour of the fallen from Liddesdale, thanks to Greg for organising the ceremony and this is now part of Common Riding weekend and will remain so.

The big day started for Tub Nichol with the traditional catching of the winning pup at the hound trail, this was won by Castle Clansman from the Langholm kennel of Marti Borthwick, this was a great occasion as Marti has been trying to win the J.A. Foster trophy for many years and is a great supporter and sponsor of the common riding, a popular winner indeed.

After the obligatory bacon rolls and diet cokes in the Trap it was off to pick the Tub up from his house and partake in the recent new ancient tradition of barley fadge and Tequila, just the thing to set you up for the day!

We are always pleased and surprised to see the large crowd that gathers at the fountain every year for the morning fair crying and various presentations, for fancy dress and new year honours etc, this year's best window was won by the Copshaw Kitchen, best dressed adults Libby Kennedy and Paula Downey (dressed as angels, aye right!) best child Reece Young (a hat trick!) and best bike Caiden Nichol (judged by Tub Nichol!)  we also handed over donations to copshaw gardeners and to one of the local residents going through a tough time and requiring help with a stairlift, we are also hosting the Auld folks Tea Party again this year in Legends (because it has a stairlift!) this was very popular last year, to be fair the committee enjoyed it as much as the pensioners!

We don't forget the kids either of course, we put on the ever popular Halloween party and pay for all the kids gifts at the Christmas party.

We then had the unveiling of this year's common riding song composed and sung by the outrageously talented ex tub Jarvis Pearson, a couple of hundred people all shouting "Chinky" no wonder the takeaway sellers were smiling!

Following the shenanigans at the fountain, it was off to the "shed" at the Golf Club, and the winner of the Mick Rick tankard for 1st rider to the shed was won for the 3rd year running by Ter Lockerby, there followed some of the best entertaining of the Tub we have ever had, some of the original songs and poems are amazing, and this year's winner of the Bob Burgess tankard for best entertainer was won by Ex Tub Ryan Cuthbert with his original composition sung to the tune of Only Fools and Horses, the word sung is probably misleading.

Waldorf and Stadler again behind the bar for the umpteenth year running, I'm sure someone is just propping them up every year!

The cutting of the sod, snogging of said sod and supping of the Tequila all went down very well, this year's sod being of a particularly good vintage, very moist with a good grassy head!

Down to the Olive Tree for the common riding emblems of barley fadge and kippers, as is tradition a common riding virgin is always picked to carry the emblems for the day and this year the barley fadge carrier was Steven Nichol and the holder of the kipper was Jill Scott, common riding photographer for 20 years but first time riding!

The famous Swiss engineer Erup Kubnum was again celebrated at the Holm Brig boundary, with the whisky and Toblerone ceremony, Erup having taken an idea for a new chocolate bar from the central design on the brig.

After a quick refreshment break at the official watering hole, it was to Fred's corner we went to commemorate the battle of that famous corner with the Touching Cloth ceremony, where the founding members celebrated the taking of the standard back in 1998, it was great to see Fred of Fred's corner there making sure everything was in order.

Ex Tub Cuthbert (Vicky version) then read the common riding poem on the steps of Legends, again with refreshments provided by Legends and by Spar! This was followed by the world famous Twa Posh Chicken, narrated by Ex Tub Cuthbert (Ryan version) ably assisted by Ex Tub Elliot (Butch version) and Ex Tub Cuthbert (Wattie version) and again refreshment were provided by the Copshaw Kitchen, as usual refreshments are a theme for common riding day!

After the boundary at the Auction Mart, it was off to Lidalia where mine hosts Eddie and Isabel have taken us in for many years now and the caravan site residents somehow look forward to being invaded for an hour or two (more refreshments), we presented Bella with a bouquet of flowers for reaching the grand old age of 102!! And we paid homage to the hound of Lidalia and the reverend Brydon Mabon.

The afternoon was rounded off at the Garden party and sports, where the usual fun and mayhem took place, complete with a mechanical rodeo bull and a jousting pole and lots of events for the kids, and of course the infamous egg Russian roulette, we also had the ladies committee serving hot dogs and funnily enough more refreshments.

After the Garden party the committee made their annual pilgrimage to their friends from Selkirk, where the haggis was toasted, songs were sung and refreshments were taken.

The evening started with the brilliant Jedburgh pipe band playing outside the Trap, led by their brush swirling mascot Ex Tub Jackson (Barry version) then we marched off the village hall to open the music festival concert in front of a packed house, another fine rendition of this year's song from Ex Tub Pearson went down very well, although by this time his voice was struggling slightly, probably not due to lack of refreshment.

A quick stop outside of the hall to remember our pal down under Mr Atkinson (Jamie version) with a shaking of the shoulders to honour the night he started greeting!!

The final acts of a fantastic day, back at the fountain, where a 3rd singing of the song and the fair crying (night version) took place in front of a massive crowd, before Tub Nichol handed the flag back and gave his address to the village (its Doncaster Street)

Now as we say every year we can't do this on our own, we get a lot of help along the way, and without it the village would be much poorer in both spirit and community.

Our sponsors include, Costcutter, Les "Slippy" Calvert, The Golf club, Marti Borthwick, Lidalia, The Butchers, Rock UK, The Olive Tree, Copshaw Caterers, our new pals from Belgium, Hugo and Rita and anyone who threw something in a big yellow bucket it really is appreciated.

The committee are already planning for next year, although some words will have to be changed as it's not the "First Seterday O'Julie and Mellissa!! 

Chairman Cuthbert




The Village has spoken, Tub 2017 Mr Ian Nichol, pictured here with his Wife Lesley and Daughter Keira. CCR Committee wish Ian & Lesley all the best for their term in Office.



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