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Copshaw Common Riding 2013

This year's Common Riding took place on the 6th July under clear blue skies and blazing sunshine, and what a day it was, from the Hound Trail in the early morning to the handing in of the flag at night, this one will really go down as the best yet!

Tub McGimpsey was supported by more riders and more followers on foot than we ever thought possible, it is estimated that around 160 riders followed the Tub as she carried out her duties on her big day, she was a credit to both herself and her family and the committee would like to thank her from the heart of our bottoms!

We kicked off with the Hound Trail which was won by Shamballa, which made one ex Tub very happy as he had been told that this was the one that was going to win, not saying which ex Tub is richer but he's one half of the ex Tub Undertaking firm, once again huge thanks to Les Calvert for sponsoring the Trail along with Marti Borthwick.

The Tub was collected at Moss Side by the committee where we had Bucks Fizz, (the drink not the group) a grand start to the day maybe we will have a champagne breakfast to start every Common Riding now, and we made our way to the Fountain which was thronged with people awaiting the carry on to begin.

At the Fountain we had the best dressed child and best dressed adult with bike both judged by Margaret Imrie, this year's winners were Sophie, Connor, Lisa and Ellie for the kids and Hazel (again) for the adult (adult being used in the loosest term!) the kids prize was donated by Margaret and the Adults by Costcutter and the Festival Committee donated the trophy.

The best dressed window prize was won by David and Kath at Holm Hardware, judged by the Tub with the prize donated by Costcutter.

This year the Common Riding decided that we should start an award for the Copshawholm Citizen of the Year, someone who does a lot of things, mostly unseen and unrewarded to make the village the community that it is today, since the sad demise of the Legion, someone has still organised kids parties at Halloween, Christmas etc, Old folks get looked after as well, so it was a privilege for the Common Riding to present Diane Adamson with the very first Citizen of the Year award.

Special guest singer Billy Thomson gave us a grand rendition of this year's Tubs song which is not an easy job in front of hundreds of folk first thing in the morning, but we picked the right man for the job!

Off then to the Shed, otherwise known as the Golf club, where the Tub's chase was won by Nige Fawkes a cracking effort since he was going away on his holidays an hour later, this is the second year running Nige has won the coveted Mick Rick tankard, he'll be back for the hat trick next year no doubt.

The Tub was regally entertained at the shed this year, we had some fantastic entertainment including songs from ex Hawick Cornets, ex Musselburgh Honest men, Selkirk Bannocks, there was even a couple of Gala Braw lads, and some of the jokes were printable, not that many though! Sarah Millican had a couple of crackers and hers jokes were funny too! and it was nice to see the bar staff dressed like a couple of fly hooks very smart, Peter Pearson with a CCR Saltire badge who would ever have thought!

The Sod was snogged and the Tequila was supped and the memory of the great battle against the English was celebrated, what any tourist makes of this I have no idea but it all makes sense to us.

This year's Common Riding emblems the Barley fadge and the Kipper were carried by Caroline Telford and Paula Young one from Oot-Bye and one from Langholm we really do let anybody in!

Good old Erup Knubum was remembered fondly with the Whiskey and Toblerone ceremony, and also this year we gave an offering of a bottle of Glayva to the River Liddell for not flooding recently!

As is tradition we stopped off at the Common Ridings official watering hole the Trap, and during this time we managed to see the British Lions beat the Convicts, someone said that they saw Zaimie Ak getting the trophy but this has not been confirmed yet.

It was good to see Fred of Fred's corner fame in the village again this year still going strong at 104. The battle for his corner and the powers of the healing stane which is actually part of the lintel of the first house in the village which was destroyed in the great flood are always celebrated by the surviving founder members.

Ex Tubs Cuthbert and Cuthbert better known as Vicky and Ryan, gave us the Gilly Fraser and the Twa Posh chicken, when someone says "you couldn't make it up" well you can, and we do!!

In a break with tradition we had to miss out the Dykehead boundary this year the Armstrong's having left their Ancestral seat so instead the principals checked the boundary at the Pathhead, and we then got to open the new West Wing at Treetops, Paula and Adrian had sherry laid on, yes sherry, it was like being on a WRI Trip!!

We were treated to a bit of a party at Lydalia where the hosts Mr Ed and Isabel looked after us with more drink as we were in grave danger of becoming dehydrated in the sunshine, and we had the infamous Hound of Lydalia ceremony and the even more infamous Bridies from Brydon, this year the good Reverend Mabons daughter Karen gave the speech commemorating her dad trying to stop the last train, those very generous folk at the Butcher's made another fine CCR bridie, not sure when Pinner's is due back from his holidays!!

The Common Riding Garden Party was just superb in the sunshine with fun and games for young and old, all organised in usual Common Riding spirit, and with an added attraction of the inflatable assault course provided by Rock UK. The prize money for the kids sports was sponsored by Hedley and Turnbull Undertakers, "never leave home without a tape measure"

The committee were again very generously invited to the Selkirk "village" and as usual had a fantastic time, they are great hosts and hopefully we will get to go to Selkirk Common Riding in the near future!!

This year the Jed Pipe Band were lead by Pipe Major and Ex Tub Barry Jackson, who's brush twirling skills are incredible and he led a large procession to the opening of the Festival Concert where Tub McGimpsey's song was sung in front of a large and appreciative audience, and outside we had the shaking of the shoulders in memory of a sobbing founding member!

A brilliant day was ended back at the Fountain with the crying of the evening fair and the handing in of the Flag, this is always a very emotional time and Gillian handled herself very well as she had done all day, another great Copshawholm Tub.

The committee needs to thank a lot of people without them we would find it very difficult to get better every year!

In no particular order and probably missing some, but thanks to Les Calvert, Marti Borthwick, Costcutter, The Olive Tree, Margaret and Tom Imrie, Billy the Post, Eddie and Isobel Rutherford, The Copshaw Kitchen, The Butchers, Anne @ The Trap, Paula and Adrian, Rock UK, Mel, Julie, Brenda, Karen and Lesley, Phillip and Shaun, Peter and Campbell and the Golf Club, and everyone that threw something in a bucket or bought something from the bar, believe me it is very much appreciated.

Someone said "it's the weather that makes it" no it's not it's the people.


Git In, Git Oot.

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