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Copshaw Common Riding 2010.


The 2010 Common Riding got under way with the annual running of the Hound Trail, which was won by Amber Didier, who unlike his namesake did not fall over some imaginary object near the line, the Hound trail was again sponsored by Les "don't call me Slippy it's Skippy" Calvert, thanks to Slippy for his generous support, although in true Copshaw Common Riding tradition we forgot to hand the prize money over to the winner with the trophy!! which was made worse by the fact that the winning owner had given us a donation from his winnings!! honestly you couldn't make it up.


A very large crowd had gathered in the square to greet this years Tub, Scott Adamson and with over 134 riders following, showed what a popular young chap this years Tub is (that's not to say that previous Tubs have not been popular!!) and he carried out his duties, with the dignity and bearing that the role requires, although he did have several reminders of how long a day it was and to pace himself!


The best dressed shop window, judged by the Tub was won by David and Kay of the paper shop, and the best dressed adult and kids, judged by Margaret Imrie, who also donated the winning kids prize,  was won by this years Flake, Nicola Elliot, the best turned out kids were Kyle and Sky Atkinson, thanks to everyone who makes an effort to dress their windows, it's certainly a talking point when the hippies (sorry festival travellers) come to town!! Official Song master Martin (young Spanner face) Richardson, gave us his own unique version of this years song, and was later to reveal a New Ancient song that will be sung for years to come (think of "they'll never take our freedom" from Braveheart and your along the right lines)


This years Tub's chase up to the Shed, was won by ex-Tub Ryan Cuthbert and to see the state of him after the chase was an example of how much fitness you lose as you get older, to say he was flat out would be an understatement, in fact he was flat out on the golf club floor!! Ryan became the 1st winner of the Mick Rick Silver Tankard, no explanation needed as to why this was presented.


There followed some excellent entertainment this year compeered by Ex-Tub Pearson, in fact it will probably go down as the best yet, ex Hawick Cornet Greg McLeod in particular doing a very funny turn, as opposed to some who just looked as if they were having a funny turn!! It's a tough job behind that bar at that age!!


The ceremonial Sod was again toasted with the usual combination of a snog and sup of Tequila, this years Sod being cut with a new, Ancient shovel, the previous Ancient shovel being last seen in the dangerous hands of Jock Elliot, needless to say Jock wasn't given the shovel to take care of this year!!


The Kipper and Fadge ceremony brought the main road to a standstill as the largest crowd seen outside the Bakers since 1992, when John Cowan made his last little chicken pie, man they were good those little chicken pie's!!  gathered to see the Traditional passing of the Kipper and Fadge to their respective guardians for the day, Jimmy the Elf and Chrissie Hinton (or Adamson if your old enough) and the crowds enjoyed Tom's sausage rolls, in fact the sausage roll, chicken pie battle, sounds like a plan for a New Ancient Tradition!


The memory of Erup Knubum was again celebrated with the Whisky and Toblerone, at the Holm Brig, thankfully the good Doctor had removed his blemishes from the Brig in anticipation of the event, if you are walking down the riverside take a look at the middle of the Brig, how did that get there?


A quick pit stop in the Trap, I must be getting old, I said we were all stopping at the Dormouse and most of the youngsters had no idea where I was talking about!! and then we had the Touching of the Cloth to commemorate the Battle of Fred's Corner and the Gilly Fraser ceremony to commemorate the legendary TV personality and Romantic novelist who a bit embarrassingly was there to witness it all!!


The Dykehead boundary has now of course changed hands, and how much better looking the new owners are than the previous inhabitant, who is bit like a troll that would live at the bottom of your garden, Oh!! he does!! Thanks to John and Joanna for their hospitality long may it continue. Ex Tub Jackson gave the Bridies from Brydon tale in his usual inimitable manner although we forgot the Bridies this year!!


Another stop this year for some traditional dancing came at the Lidalia Caravan Park, thanks to Mr Ed and his gang for the refreshments!! some superb exhibitions of the Gay Gordon's, more Gordon than Gay thankfully, although of course the Common Riding is an equal opportunities celebration!


The Common Riding Sports and Garden Party has quickly became a must do event in the village, from the Human Hurdles to the Tossing of the Cockerel, and all things in-between, in fact the Egg Russian Roulette is now on the Copshaw Clatter 100 things you must try before you die list.


At the end of a brilliant day, when even the weather played it's part, Pipe Major Pee Wee Irving, led the band the Tub and his hordes of followers to open the Festival concert, to Shake the Shoulders and hear the last crying of the Copshawholm fair, before Tub Adamson handed back his standard amid much emotion, and so another Copshaw Common Riding came to and end, a day to remember for sure, the Best Yet? Probably!! In fact if Carling made Common Ridings then they would have made the Copshaw one!


Well done to Tub Adamson, always a smile never a frown, you did us proud.


So many people to thank, that haven't been mentioned above, and we are grateful to everyone that helps, the "Girls" on the Hot Dogs, Tom and Elizabeth at Costcutters, The Golf Club, Marti Borthwick, Podge and Robert, The Paper shop and Holm Hardware for selling Common Riding stuff, anyone who donated on the day, it will all go to good causes.


Finally thanks to the Common Riding Committee, it wouldn't happen without them, I know that, they know that, and if you enjoy the various events then let them know (and if you don't then bog off to Langholm!!) and look out later in the year for Common Riding "Stars in their Eyes!




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