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The next CCR event is the "Ride Oot Bye" where we follow
Tub Thomson and Ride Oot Bye to "Look Oor Boondaries" and do Common Riding type things ensuring Copshaw Holm is safe from Rouges and Vagabonds for another year.
The Ride Oot leaves from The Trap aboot 2ish on 4th June so
`Git On Yer Bike` and support Tub Thomson on his first Official Duty as Tub 2016.
CCR complies with the Health & Safety Act 1974, it is your responsibility for your own safety and we recommend the wearing of a Cycle Helmet.
Cheers the now.

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Tub 2016 - Dean Thomson


Tub Thomson pictured here with his wife Ashley and his parents Billy & Jane.

Dean Thomson was voted in as the 19th Copshaw Common Riding Tub on Saturday 14th May following a very large turnout of voters both young and old, they came with their Zimmer's and their Motability scooters to take part in the most important vote this year, never mind the Scottish Parliament or Brexit, this was the one and around 70% of the village and surrounding area's took part in the vote.
 The 3 candidates ran very strong campaigns this year, with posters and flyers and all sorts of election paraphernalia, trying to secure the position of 2016 Tub, both Deev and Mhairi should be congratulated for helping make this year's vote the success it was.
 Tub Thomson will lead his followers around the boondaries on Saturday 2nd July, where the usual fun and games and new ancient traditions will take place, before that of course we have the Ride Oot Bye on Saturday 4th June, followed by the Tubs bike clip doo later that night, the ceremony at the Ride Oot will be interesting this year seeing the Tub lead his followers in the march to commemorate a great victory over the auld enemy, back in the time of the battle the Tub would likely have been on the other side!!
 A report on the ride oot and Bike clip doo will appear in the July Clatter, if we can remember what happened!
 So get ready to dust off your trusty steeds and come and join Tub Thomson on his big day you won't regret it.
 Remember we are here for a guid time no a lang time.
Hip Hip.

CCR OAP`s Trip 2015.


30/09/15 saw the first CCR Pensioners Trip. CCR laid on a trip for oor auld yins to visit The Kelpies, The Falkirk Wheel followed by high tea in Stirling. 74 pensioners left the Village on Telfords Coaches but we`re not sure how many made it back! We are glad to report that there was no fighting or unruly behaviour during the trip, to qualify for next years trip you must be an OAP and be accompanied by both parents! 


Well that was another "Best of Ah" Copshaw Common Riding.

Well done to Tub Elliot II & his Flake Grace.

Click here to hearTub Elliot II song & pictures079-copshaw-common-riding-2015-146______________________


Tub Elliot II prepares to lead his Ride Oot Bye `oot bye`


The Tub leads the charge to recover Oor Standard from the English Raiders in `The Battle Of Kershopfit Brig`


The Standard safely back in oor hands with a dejected Johnny English seek as owt! 


A well earned refreshment after the Battle of Kershopfit Brig in The Grapes & Spanner Stable Bar, CCR being served by Campbell Richardson in his 141st year.


Ex-Tub Irving hands over The Bike Clips to Tub 2015 Jock Elliot, Lord of The Forkeens.  


Rosettes now for sale in Holm Hardware and Costcutter priced at an inflation bustin £4.50 or £9 for two. There is a limited number of Tub Elliot II Rosettes available so get there early to avoid disappointment.

Also CCR Ties and Badges with Polo shirts to follow.
Quote "Something for the weekend Sir" to get your CCR discount.



Jock Elliot has been Officially Voted in as Tub 2015 his

 Official Title will be 

Tub Elliot II

Thanks to all who voted and attended the Tubs Ball. 

The voting was extremely close, a recount being required at half past to satisfy the Voting Ombudsman who was in attendance before he took a "dive" on the dance floor. 

Thanks to Lorna, Karen and Elaine for counting the votes which proved a very stressful experience for them. 


Breaking News - The full version of the 2014 "CCR Stars In Their Eyes 3" DVD goes on sale Tuesday 27th Jan at Holm Hardware priced at an inflation bustin £10.

This DVD will become a collectors item when the current CCR Committee are all pushin up the daisies !!


"Better than the Langholm Panto" - E&L

"A very talented Village"  - The Sun

"I thought I was looking in the mirror" - Boy George

"My Wife looked so hot" - David Beckham

"It wisna really us" - Status Quo

The most talked about event since Chairman Cuthbert called the Tub, "Cornet" - E&L

"xxxxxxxx" - The Copshaw Clatter

"Our profits are at an all time high" - Tena Lady

"Elvis WAS in the building" - The Memphis Clatter

ON SALE.... At HOLM HARDWARE Today there will be a limited supply of CCR Stars in their eyes 3 (limited edition) DVDs they are a basic video of all the performances from the night, they are £6.59 each very kindly donated by Gilly Fraser ........there will be a deluxe edition to follow in the new year ! So get there quickly while stocks last ,it'll be a nice little pressie for someone! merry Christmas everyone and could you share this please thankyou Ps all profits from this sale will be donated to local charitys

Or contact any CCR Committee member.


It's now time to 'Rally Roon Oor Tub'

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